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Palace of Versailles Overview

The Palace of Versailles located in the UNESCO World Heritage Estate of Versailles, France, is an epitome of the beauty and luxury of the French Monarchy. Bought by Louis XIII in the early 17th century, the Versailles was a hunting land sustaining wild animals and was turned into a fort around the while he continued his hunt.

Thereafter, the successor Louis XIV got attracted to Versailles and built the magnificent palace. Louis XIV started to develop Versailles as a symbol of power and until his death; Versailles became the hub for France’s government.

The reason why the Versailles was built is that the king wanted to shift the French government away from Paris protecting himself against civil unrest and showing his control over the country with the idea of France gaining a higher status in Europe. Today, this palace is turned into a museum and thousands of visitors buy Versaille tickets to explore this lavish palace.

The architecture of Versailles is an embodiment of the might and authority of Louis XIV as he portrayed himself as the Sun King. A series of large gardens containing sculptures and fountains that throw water high into the sky compare the monarch’s self-proclaimed power over nature. 350 apartments were created while the king's apartment was one of the most important units of the Versailles.

As mirrors were exported at heavy costs from Italy, the king created the hall of mirrors on the French land to showcase the intelligence and ability of France in every aspect. Every apartment, garden, fountain, painting, sculpture, and design of Versailles speaks of Louis XIV's absolute and undisputed power.

Explore The Palace of Versailles

The architecture of Versailles represents the ultimate luxury of the monarchy of the French Kings. The lavish palace remained a symbol of authority for centuries until it turned into a museum post the French Revolution. Today, if you have the Palace of Versailles tickets, you can witness this architectural wonder of infamous sightseeing.

Hall of Mirrors Versailles
The Dazzling Hall of Mirrors

The exquisite Hall of Mirrors in Versailles Palace is the place that holds the richness of history to the fullest because the Treaty of Versailles was signed as an outcome of ending World War 1. The undisputed queen of all the beauties inside the Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors dazzles in elegance as the reflections light up the entire area.

The shimmery quantities of gold and crystal along with the infinite mirror display are enough to mesmerise you making the Hall of mirrors the best part of the Versailles tickets. The look of the enormous hall containing a whopping 357 mirrors with 30 paintings spreading across the vaulted ceilings makes it the most precious experience you can have.

Kings Apartment Versailles
The King's State Apartments

Versailles tickets will make you enter the series of Fabulous Seven Rooms, called the King’s State Apartment. This is the same place where welcomed his visitors and held ceremonies, formal gatherings, and entertainment.

The apartment held events adding to national importance as it had a lot on display to impress with the finishings of Crimson and the gold with serene paintings and dazzling chandeliers gives you a perfect dose of the excellence of Versailles.

Queen's Apartment Versailles
The Queen's State Apartments

As you transition from the King’s State Apartment into the Queen’s State, you will notice the dynamic change of dark tones into the charm of floral and pale colours showcasing the change of power into the beauty. The four splendid rooms will show you a lot about the lavish history of the Versailles as the fabrics used for walls and furniture mimics the original ones.

The ill-fateful Empress of France Queen Marie-Antoinette lived here and even bore a child in this chamber. The beautiful paintings she put up for her mother and brother are still there in the jewellery cabinet to tell her authoritative story of gloom.

The Royal Chapel Versailles
The Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel is a symbol of the affluence of the French Monarchy which took two decades of construction along with gorgeous paintings, sculptures, and ornaments. The infamous Pipe Organ is a large musical instrument that was played during celebrations at the French royalties.

This beautiful instrument has been continuously evolving century by century playing harmonious melodies. The Royal Chapel with its two levels held the history’s most important celebrations including the marriage of the 14-year-old Marie-Antoinette to King Louis XVI.

 Art at Versailles Palace
Art at Versailles Palace

Everywhere you look in Versailles, you will find art that speaks of the French Monarchy. Paintings, sculptures, finishing off the wall, mirrors, beautiful furniture, and whatnot! The estate is a home of 3000 sculptures and 6000 paintings adding to an enormous artwork of 60,000 in number.

Painted Ceilings will mark their presence everywhere but the 33 huge paintings that depict France’s 1500 old history are the main historical attraction of the Versailles.

The Royal Opera House Versailles
The Royal Opera House

Versailles lacked an Opera House up to the reign of Louis V during which he ordered the commencement of the infamous Hall. At the time of the marriage of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, it became the largest concert hall in Europe.

The Opera House holds graceful decor, shimmery chandeliers, seating arrangement, and an alluring painted ceiling featuring Apollo. Today, it is used for high-end concerts, operas, and ballets.

Royal Gardens in Versailles
The Palace of Versailles' Gardens

Gardens of the Versailles are one of the most attractive features of the rich heritage. Originally a hunting land, the palace had wild grounds used by animals until the king hired famous landscape architects to reshape it into a series of beautiful gardens.

The forest-like land was completely transformed into flourishing gardens embedded with paths to walk, water bodies with fountains, and well-planned flora. The Groves look freshened as they go through the length of the Grand Canal. You can visit some of the Groves during Musical Gardens and Fountains events.

Grand Trianon Palace
Grand Trianon Palace

Intended as a place of Louis XIV’s private time with his mistress, this place was imagined as a little palace of pink marble along with beautiful gardens. The palace has a large number of floor-to-almost-ceiling windows known today as “French doors”, which were built first in this place as a part of the Italian style architecture. Even Napoleon The Great indulged in decoration and furnishing of the palace.

Petit Trianon Palace
Petit Trianon Palace

King Louis V, a dedicated botanist developed a botanical garden, arboretum, and small ménagerie near Petit Trianon to create new plants and experiments. This place holds the historical importance of Queen Marie-Antoinette and King Louis XVI fleeing away to never return. The garden’s properties were neglected until Napoleon Bonaparte restored the floral site for his sister Pauline.

Know Before You Book Palace of Versailles Tickets

  • Location: Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France.

  • Timings: Versailles palace is open every day except Mondays and the operational hours are from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM.

  • Best Time to Visit: If you plan to buy Versailles tickets, the best time of the year to visit the palace is in the season of autumn which is from the month of November to March. This is because the snowfall hinders the best views and the summers are overcrowded. The best time of the day to visit the Palace of Versailles for proper exploration is afternoon hours as mornings are overcrowded.

  • How to Reach:
  1. By Metro: You can take the RER C metro which will directly take you to the Le Château de Versailles.
  2. By Bus: You can reach the Palace of Versailles by RATP bus line 171 in 35 minutes.
  3. By Cab: You can reach it by taxi as it is only 15 miles from Central Paris.

Why to Book Palace of Versailles Tickets Online?

Buying Palace of Versailles tickets at the venue is an available option but this task is tiring and time-consuming as it can land you in long queues dealing with large crowds. Booking Versailles tickets in advance when travelling internationally can save you from any kind of hassle and overcrowding. The online ticket Versailles includes all the relevant information and a variety of deals to choose from.

There are many options and you need to analyse and plan accordingly as those details could be missed out in in-person booking owing to hurry. The advance booking system can be done in the comfort of your home with a single click giving you instant confirmation along with discounts making your trip cost-effective. Get a Versailles entry ticket to Château de Versailles, the Palace, the gardens, and the park to explore the dreamy sight of the Versailles. Witness the beautiful musical fountains and visit the Hall of Mirrors to adore yourself in the French beauty.

Facts of Palace of Versailles

  • The most important treaty leading to the end of World War 1, known as the Treaty of Versailles was signed in the Hall of Mirrors.
  • Originally the Versailles was a hunting spot that did not have easy access to water. When it was built as a luxurious palace by King Louis XIV, the challenge of the artificial pond for drawing water involved a lot of expense and science.
  • The Hall of Mirrors has 357 mirrors which were made in France competing with the Italian manufacturers who were the best back then.
  • Everything used to create and decorate the Versailles has been made in France.
  • The Versailles was originally made up of silver as even the chamber pots were of silver as well but were melted during wartime to bear the expense in the 1600s.
  • The area of Versailles garden is more than 30,000 acres that contain 1400 fountains and 400 sculptures.

Tips for Visiting Palace of Versailles

  • The Versailles is usually overcrowded and long queues are there at the ticket counters, so, you should go for online ticket booking to avoid ticket scarcity leading to sold-out tickets.
  • Reach the place by 9 AM to explore the place completely for lunch in the beautiful garden with the alluring site of decorative flowers and trees.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and use sunscreen during the time of summer.

Palace of Versailles FAQs

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