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About City of Versailles

City of Versailles, France is among one of the most popular UNESCO world heritage sites. Versailles city is highly popular as a modern European city, which was considered as a model for many famous buildings in Washington. It holds the credit of being the capital of the great kingdom of Europe .It was also known worldwide for its unmatchable designs, and out of the world architecture. It is also widely popular for the gardens of Versailles City, and the château de Versailles. Geographically, it is located in the western suburbs of the French Capital, and is about 17.1 km from the center of Paris. The meaning of the name Versailles is derived from the Latin word versare, which means to turn over repeatedly. It is also the seat of political power and is the framework of the popular French Revolution. In 1975, the city of Versailles, France was known as the seat of a court of appeal whose jurisdiction was covered by the western suburbs of Paris.

Top Things to Explore in The City of Versailles

Beautiful Versailles Palace
Palace of Versailles

It is one of the most famous attractions for tourists coming to France. It was constructed in 1623, and is known as the center of political power from the time of the French Revolution. This stunning piece of architecture comes with a number of rooms. The most important thing to notice are its apartments, which are decorated with precious gems, gold and crystal.

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Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre-Dame de Versailles

Notre Dame is a church, which was built for worship in 1686. The sculptures by Pierre Mazzeline and Noël Jouvenet within the church are one of the best attractions for all those who love art and craft. Its neoclassical architecture is just amazing, and has earned it a credit of being a ‘monument historique’.

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Gardens of Versailles
Gardens of Versailles

Another attraction for all nature lovers is the garden of Versailles. It is spread around 800 hectares, and owns a great collection of rare flowers, sculptures, and greenery which got it into the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites in 1979.It is advisable to visit this place in summers as some really interesting water shows are carried out in the evening.

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Grand Trianon Palace
Grand Trianon

It is a beautiful hamlet, which was developed at the request of King Louis XVI on the borders of the city of Versailles, France. This place had a private park and was used as a shelter for the monarch. Here the monarch could keep himself away from the outer world and just get relaxed. Its interiors are well designed with white and blue ceramic tiles, which currently is replaced with red marble turning it more attractive.

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The Royal Opera House Versailles
Royal Opera of Versailles

It is in the north wing of the palace of Versailles and was designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel. The fact that it is highly spacious with the capacity to hold around 1200 spectators makes it a suitable venue for carrying out various cultural performances and works great as a ballroom. The extraordinary wooden design of this royal opera just makes it highly appealing for all the visitors.

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Versailles Cathedral
Versailles Cathedral

It is a Roman Catholic Church, which was developed as a parish church whose first stone was laid by the great Louis XV during the 18th century. It turned into a cathedral in 1843, and is currently the seat of the Bishop of Versailles. The multiple eye-catching paintings within the cathedral is not to be missed at all.

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Petit Trianon Palace
Petit Trianon

It is placed within the Grand Trianon, and was a place for the royal Marie Antoinette to relax and refuge from her various hectic responsibilities. Every aspect of the place was thoughtfully designed like the four beautiful garden areas, woodwork decoration, along with outstanding marble columns.

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Versailles' Markets
Versailles' Markets

No trip is complete without shopping. Therefore, if you were visiting Versailles city then its markets and street stalls would just go you crazy. The most popular within the market are the Notre Dame for best French Food and the Jussieu-Montreuil market, to buy the best organic products.

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History of City of Versailles

Versailles Palace
  • In 1623 the French King Louis XIII constructed a chateau as a hunting lodge.

  • Later his son Louis XIV redeveloped and expanded the same. Some of the most creative and best architects, sculptors, decorators and landscape architects designed it.

  • Louis XIV developed the City of Versailles, France around the palace in the 17th century. In 1678, Louis XVI gave the estate to his queen to relax and refuge.

  • In 1682, Louis XIV claimed Versailles as its principal residence.

  • However, after the French Revolution in 1833 Versailles city fell into a poor condition. Later on Louis-Philippe turned the place into a museum, which now carries the rich French History.

  • Many important historic events have taken place at this center of diplomacy like the popular Treaty of Versailles in 1919. The Chateau de Versailles and its extensive rich heritage and history was made public in 1995.

  • Great events like Grandes Eaux Musicales or Royal Opera shows are regularly organized so that the Palace of Versailles can be relished in the same way as it was during the era of the kings.

  • The palace today has become the national heritage of France and is visited by a number of visitors on a daily basis.

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Plan Your Visit to City of Versailles

How to Reach
Best Time To Visit

There are multiple routes from Paris to the city of Versailles, France . One can travel by personal car, train, bus, or even opt for a guided tour. One can also enjoy the excursions like cycling around the Versailles city estate, which are regularly organized.

By Metro: One can find a number of trains to Versailles like - RER C and SNCF Lines L and N, which run from Paris. However, only RER C stops at the Château Versailles Rive Gauche, which is the nearest station to the front entrance gates at the Palace of Versailles. This train is highly convenient but according to the respective location one can choose other trains too.

By Bus: The RATP bus Line 171 provides comfortable bus service from the Pont de Sèvres Métro station in Paris to the Château de Versailles. This bus route would take around 30 minutes, or may be much time depending on the traffic.

By Car/Bike: The day bike tour of the city of Versailles, France from Paris is one of the best things to do if you are at this place. The 24 km route to Versailles city is seamless .The entry to the Palace of Versailles is free and one can find bike-friendly gates, and enjoy the ride along attractive via the forests and fields. Traveling via car is not advisable due to immense traffic rather one should for a rental option.

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What is the city of Versailles?

The city of Versailles, France is located in the western suburbs of the French capital. It is around 17.1 km from the center of Paris. The city of Versailles is a rich area of Paris and is a main tourist destination.

What is Versailles famous for?

The fact that the palace of Versailles has been listed as a World Heritage site for about 40 years. Its amazing architecture and rich history has made it highly popular among tourists. Some of the most popular structures are the Palace of Versailles, Notre-dame de, Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, Royal Opera, and many more.

Who lives in Versailles now?

The palace of Versailles is retained by the French state currently.

How long does it take to tour the city of Versailles?

The complete tour of the city of Versailles takes around 2 to 3 hours. It is recommended to begin a bit early so that you have more time to explore each structure.

What are the most visited parts of Versailles?

The most important to explore of Versailles city are the Garden of Versailles, Palace of Versailles, Grand Trianon, Royal Opera of Versailles, Versailles Cathedral and many more.